Fun & Energizing!


Going to Jen’s kettle bells class has truly made me feel like a whole new woman. Being someone who grew up extremely active playing hockey and soccer, I didn’t have to worry too much about my weight. After high school and discontinuing the sports I used to play, I no longer knew how to keep myself fit. I hate running and other seemingly mundane at-home exercises. Exercise had always been something ingrained into my life from playing sports that I didn’t even know where to start once I realized I wanted to get back into fitness and taking care of my body not to compete, but to simply be healthy. I wanted to do something that didn’t expend tons of time, wasn’t boring, and of course, got results!


Classes with Jen never felt high pressure, but encouraging. I feel like I am able to push my body at my own rate, without judgment. I always feel like I am given the tools to excel to new heights I didn’t even know I could reach. After only about 6 months of kettle bells training I’ve lost weight and inches I never thought I could before. Class is fun, energizing, and I got these results going to only 2-3 classes a week. I am completely grateful for this experience and am looking forward to see what else I can accomplish.