8 months ago I had Major back surgery and training with kettlebells has me feeling stronger than I ever dreamed off!

I was Introduced to Kettlebells by my sister Sara that has been training with Jen for almost a Year and swears by the Almighty Bell!!  I was very leery to give it a try due to the fact that I am less than a year post op back fusion, multiple disk rebuild and a cage insertion.  At my 6 months post op apt. my surgeon told me it was time to kick it in gear and start rebuilding my back, core and glute strength that I had lost.  Prior to my back surgery I was very active and I pushed thru the pain that was always there.  I used to run 10 mile races on the regular and squat 160lbs.  At my fittest I was at 12% body fat but was still in Constant Pain!!  Post Surgery I had to find a new outlet than my past training methods.  I found myself lacking excitement, dedication, motivation and strength.

I was truly at a Crossroads and finally told my sister I was ready to try kettlebells.  I contacted Jen and I met with her one on one so she could teach me the basics!  Here I sit 8 weeks later, feeling the strongest that I have ever felt in 35 years!!  All my muscles are firing up that have not for a very long time.  I have had zero relapses and I am living virtually pain free since I have started training at Crossroads with Jen.  People who know my situation gasp when they hear what my training sessions consist of, they seem to think that Kettlebells and back problems don’t mix.  I am here to tell you that they do!  With proper training and carefully progressing up in weight and doing any neccesary modifications you can reach your  goals as well!

Jens Classes get all your muscles firing in order to strengthen your core and glutes, which is so important to have a strong back.  This has truly been a game changer for me.  I strongly recommend anyone giving bells a try and see what they can do for you.  I am so excited to see what the future holds for me at Crossroads.   I  have been inspired to start training to earn my certification in June.  I am looking forward to  helping other people that struggle with similar issues, to see what it feels like to live virtually pain free!!



Kelly K.

Farmington Mn