I went skiing for the first time in 15 Years!!!

I have struggled for years trying to get my body back in shape, strong and injury free only to encounter setback after setback. After surviving 3 different cancers, I can’t tell you how frustrated I was with the struggles and injuries I kept to to get my body strong and not being able to do all the activities I loved doing. I had never tried kettlebells before and my friend told me about this kettlebell class she goes to and the instructor Jen. I called Jen to see what it all consisted of and scheduled my first intro lesson and committed to 3 months of classes. When I started I was extremely weak, I did not have good core strength at all and was concerned with further setbacks and injuries. Even the smallest kettlebell Jen had, only 10 pounds, I did not have the strength to lift it over my head with my left arm due to several surgeries. Jen and Melissa were great at encouraging me to go at my own pace and could show me modifications for the exercises I was not ready for so I could be feel successful and gradually gain strength. The class sizes are small which allowed me to get individual guidance that I needed. This was key for me as I tend to push through things even when Im doing them incorrectly. The classes offer a lot of variety which keeps things interesting. I have been able to work with Jen and Melissa for over 6 months now and I have become so much stronger! I am able to lift with both my right and left arms which is huge for me and have moved up in he weights faster than I ever imagined safely and injure free!! I am able to golf again, play basketball, bike and was able to downhill ski with my husband and kids in Montana for the first time in 15 plus years!! What really showed me how far I have come was when I took my two college age sons with me to a few classes over Christmas break and they could not believe I was able to do the exercises with the weights I was using when they were struggling with it! I highly recommend Kettlestrength studio and Jen and Melissa as instructors!!

Sarah Iverson, Eagan