Meet RKC Instructor Melissa Behles


I have always had a passion for fitness. As a high school and college athlete, physical activity has always been a part of my life. You name it…I have tried every fitness program, from yoga and barre to running and dance classes all have been part of my regime at one point in time or another. I ultimately discovered kettlebells at Kettlestrength Studio and instantly fell in love!!

Kettlebell training is something I genuinely believe in. I love the strength I have gained and the energy it gives me! I used to be of the mentality that you needed to be dripping in sweat for at least 60 minutes a day in order to get results. I quickly learned that is not necessary. The best way I can describe training with kettlebells is that it is the best of all worlds rolled into one 45 minute class. Strength, conditioning and all while improving your flexibility! I wanted to share my passion for kettlebells with others and started training for the RKC and officially earned the title of RKC instructor in June of 2015.

I get so excited for each and every class that I instruct. I like to create a high energy atmosphere and it is my goal to make everyone feel proud of their efforts and progress they are making. The perfectionist side of me wants each class I create to be the best that it can possibly be and I feel confident that clients will enjoy. I strive to create a variety in all my classes while incorporating fun new challenges often including partner workouts.

It is exciting to see members improve their kettlebell technique. I love to see people surprise themselves with the progress they make in a relatively short period of time. I want clients to leave class with the feeling of accomplishment from completing a challenging workout as well as the energy and confidence to tackle the day. I also desire to be an inspiration to others and hope that my dedication to my own training demonstrates my commitment to continue to learn and improve myself.

At the end of the day I want my children to see the importance of being strong, both mentally and physically. I want them to see how important it is to take good care of yourself and follow in my footsteps. And of course it is always an added bonus after a shopping trip at Target to see how many bags I can carry into the house. ~ Melissa