Training with Jen for 3 years has transformed my body

I have been doing kettlebells with Jen for 3 years now and it has completely transformed the way I feel about exercise. I used to workout because I felt I had to in order to maintain my weight, now I actually enjoy it! When I started with Jen I immediately began noticing changes in my body. After doing kettlebells for 3-4 days a week consistently I was in the best shape of my life. Then I got pregnant and I was nervous that it would be really tough to get back into shape, Jen assured me that if I kept doing bells while pregnant she would modify things so that it was safe for me. I continued training with bells until I was 9 months pregnant and it really helped me to stay fit and flexible during my pregnancy. After having my son I couldn’t believe how quickly I bounced back! I know the strength I gained from training with kettlebells was a huge part of that! I am so grateful I discovered kettlebells and Jen.

~Alex K. Rosemount