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I love that you get such an intense workout in a short amount of time


I LOVE kettlebells with Jen. I have never experienced  results or felt stronger than I have with any other training method than I have with kettlebells. I have Lost 13 inches and 2 sizes. I look forward to training more then I ever have. I love that you get such an intense workout and results in a short amount of time. A BIG THANKS to Jen for sharing her passion of kettlebells with me.



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Jen Kalmes, Owner RKC, PCC and NASM Certified Trainer


I have always been a fitness enthusiast. My journey into bells started in 2010 after I ran a half marathon with a stress fracture. OUCH and STUPID!! I injured myself as a result of not training smart! I gave up strength training while running because I did not have the time to do both. While I was healing I researched the best ways to strengthen my core. I found Brad an RKC instructor and contacted him and after my first lesson I was HOOKED!!!

I went from spending at least an hour to one and a half hours training five days a week at the gym randomly going from machine to machine. Legs one day arms the next, treadmill, bike, elliptical etc. BORING!!!! Just maintaing my bodyweight but not really improving on any level of strength gains or endurance. I thought I was in good shape! WRONG

I started doing bells 2-3 times a week and in two months lost 12 inches, 8 pounds and 2% body fat! HOLY COW. Not to mention reduction of back and shoulder pain from my profession. I became so passionate about it and found myself talking to my clients about kettlebells rather than skin care as I was an Esthetician for 15 years prior to Kettlebells!

The main reason I got into training with bells was because of the strength and confidence that I gained. My self image improved, I no longer wanted to be just considered skinny or strive to look like a celebrity as so many young women compare themselves to these days. I could not believe how bells transferred over into my everyday life and have made me functionally strong!!

I want to share my passion with anyone that will listen and or try bells! It is truly life changing and timesaving! As an instructor I will continue to improve my level of fitness and increase my knowledge base so that I can better help you reach your goals. I am currently training to earn my RKC level 2 Certification.

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I look forward to working out now

I have never enjoyed exercising in the past but training with Jen has been a great experience for me. She has been very encouraging and her positive attitude has helped me stick with her program. I look forward to working out now. I enjoy the variety of exercises that you can do with kettlebells. Jen makes the workouts fun and each session is different so it is never boring.
I love using kettlebells for my training. I like that the kettlebell workout is a combination of strength training and cardio. I have gotten stronger in my arms and legs and have also strengthened my core. Over the past 9 months training with Jen, I have gone down 3 sizes in my clothes and lost about 20 pounds. I have more energy, self confidence, and I also sleep better.


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The inches pretty much melted away

After years of trying every different gym, bootcamp and personal trainer, I have finally found the right fit for me. Kettlebells have changed my life dramatically. I started a little over a year ago and for the first time in my life I have stuck with a fitness program. Besides really enjoying the workouts themselves, I have seen results that I never got doing anything else. The inches pretty much melted away. Then add in the right diet and I hit my size goals and then surpassed them! Jen is an amazing trainer, so knowledgable and inspiring. Her dedication shows in how creative her workouts are. You are never doing the same workout twice, it keeps your body guessing only speeding up your results! I would recommend Kettlebells for everyone!

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