I have been a member of Crossroads KettleStrength studio for 3 years now. Jen is not only the owner and head instructor but she is my coach, cheerleader, role model and friend. Jen’s passion for strength and fitness is evident and contagious. She is very encouraging and has a genuine concern for every member to do their best and achieve satisfying results. Melissa is the other instructor who is fun, focused and determined to come up with new challenging classes. Together these instructors will not let you get bored or stagnant and will keep you coming back for more. KettleStrength Studio is a very comfortable environment to come in as a novice or fitness expert and jump right back into training. The atmosphere is fun, uplifting, encouraging and empowering. The benefits I get from being a part of this gym go much farther than gained strength and flexibility. I am stronger than I have ever been in my life but I also feel a mental and emotional connection with my physical strength, an added sense of independence and freedom. The strength and conditioning I have achieved through kettleStrength Studio helped me finish my first full marathon this year injury free while maintaining my strength!! I also take pride in knowing that I am sending a powerful message to my children about what you can achieve through commitment, determination hard work and never giving up!!

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Training with Jen for 3 years has transformed my body

I have been doing kettlebells with Jen for 3 years now and it has completely transformed the way I feel about exercise. I used to workout because I felt I had to in order to maintain my weight, now I actually enjoy it! When I started with Jen I immediately began noticing changes in my body. After doing kettlebells for 3-4 days a week consistently I was in the best shape of my life. Then I got pregnant and I was nervous that it would be really tough to get back into shape, Jen assured me that if I kept doing bells while pregnant she would modify things so that it was safe for me. I continued training with bells until I was 9 months pregnant and it really helped me to stay fit and flexible during my pregnancy. After having my son I couldn’t believe how quickly I bounced back! I know the strength I gained from training with kettlebells was a huge part of that! I am so grateful I discovered kettlebells and Jen.

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I attribute my physical and mental strength to Kettlestrength Studio

Strength has always been very important to me, and I thought I was gaining the strength that I desired by running 30 miles a week. Little did I know when I decided to add kettlebells into my routine my whole idea of what strength was would changed drastically. Training with kettlebells has completely replaced my running routine and has taught me so many things about strength, not just physically but mentally. Physical strength is something we all desire as we grow older and is so beneficial to our everyday activities, our outward appearances, and our overall health. The physical results happen extremely fast if you are consistent. The muscle definition I have gained surpasses any other results I have experienced in the past. It is so motivating to see your hard work paying off so quickly. I feel the other exciting side to training with Jen at kettlestrength is strength and confidence you gain as a person. I have never felt more sure of myself and more in tune with what I want out of life. Our health is everything and without it we are missing out in all life has to offer. I attribute my physical strength, and positive mental attitude to Kettlestrength Studio!! It is my way of life and I welcome you to experience how great life can be when you are Strong, body and mind!!

~ Sara N. Rosemount, Mn.

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I went skiing for the first time in 15 Years!!!

I have struggled for years trying to get my body back in shape, strong and injury free only to encounter setback after setback. After surviving 3 different cancers, I can’t tell you how frustrated I was with the struggles and injuries I kept to to get my body strong and not being able to do all the activities I loved doing. I had never tried kettlebells before and my friend told me about this kettlebell class she goes to and the instructor Jen. I called Jen to see what it all consisted of and scheduled my first intro lesson and committed to 3 months of classes. When I started I was extremely weak, I did not have good core strength at all and was concerned with further setbacks and injuries. Even the smallest kettlebell Jen had, only 10 pounds, I did not have the strength to lift it over my head with my left arm due to several surgeries. Jen and Melissa were great at encouraging me to go at my own pace and could show me modifications for the exercises I was not ready for so I could be feel successful and gradually gain strength. The class sizes are small which allowed me to get individual guidance that I needed. This was key for me as I tend to push through things even when Im doing them incorrectly. The classes offer a lot of variety which keeps things interesting. I have been able to work with Jen and Melissa for over 6 months now and I have become so much stronger! I am able to lift with both my right and left arms which is huge for me and have moved up in he weights faster than I ever imagined safely and injure free!! I am able to golf again, play basketball, bike and was able to downhill ski with my husband and kids in Montana for the first time in 15 plus years!! What really showed me how far I have come was when I took my two college age sons with me to a few classes over Christmas break and they could not believe I was able to do the exercises with the weights I was using when they were struggling with it! I highly recommend Kettlestrength studio and Jen and Melissa as instructors!!

Sarah Iverson, Eagan

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Kettlebell training has made a huge impact on my sports!

I started training with Jen about a year ago.  I have never participated in a training program that has held my attention this long and that has improved my overall condition!  I play on an adult soccer league and race dirt bikes. Swinging around iron has improved my core strength as well as my grip!   I have so much more endurance on the soccer field and have drastically improved my grip strength for riding my dirt bike for miles on trail rides without my hands cramping up.  There is not one area in my everyday life that has not  been improved by training with bells!  I am hooked!!!!!

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John D.


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8 months ago I had Major back surgery and training with kettlebells has me feeling stronger than I ever dreamed off!

I was Introduced to Kettlebells by my sister Sara that has been training with Jen for almost a Year and swears by the Almighty Bell!!  I was very leery to give it a try due to the fact that I am less than a year post op back fusion, multiple disk rebuild and a cage insertion.  At my 6 months post op apt. my surgeon told me it was time to kick it in gear and start rebuilding my back, core and glute strength that I had lost.  Prior to my back surgery I was very active and I pushed thru the pain that was always there.  I used to run 10 mile races on the regular and squat 160lbs.  At my fittest I was at 12% body fat but was still in Constant Pain!!  Post Surgery I had to find a new outlet than my past training methods.  I found myself lacking excitement, dedication, motivation and strength.

I was truly at a Crossroads and finally told my sister I was ready to try kettlebells.  I contacted Jen and I met with her one on one so she could teach me the basics!  Here I sit 8 weeks later, feeling the strongest that I have ever felt in 35 years!!  All my muscles are firing up that have not for a very long time.  I have had zero relapses and I am living virtually pain free since I have started training at Crossroads with Jen.  People who know my situation gasp when they hear what my training sessions consist of, they seem to think that Kettlebells and back problems don’t mix.  I am here to tell you that they do!  With proper training and carefully progressing up in weight and doing any neccesary modifications you can reach your  goals as well!

Jens Classes get all your muscles firing in order to strengthen your core and glutes, which is so important to have a strong back.  This has truly been a game changer for me.  I strongly recommend anyone giving bells a try and see what they can do for you.  I am so excited to see what the future holds for me at Crossroads.   I  have been inspired to start training to earn my certification in June.  I am looking forward to  helping other people that struggle with similar issues, to see what it feels like to live virtually pain free!!



Kelly K.

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I have been training for 3 months and lost 10pounds and gained strength and confidence

I have always been an active person. I grew up running track and cross country in high school and college. After college, I hit the gym every once in a while or joined a strength class here and there but nothing ever sparked my interest long enough to see results. So I focused on running thinking it would be enough to maintain my fitness level. However over the years the pounds were creeping on and my strength was diminishing.
I got a wake up call when I got a bad case of the flu and it took me 4 months to recover. During that recovery period I was introduced to Jen and she introduced me to kettlebell training and it has forever changed my life!
My first visit with Jen was awesome! Her passion and knowledge for kettlebell training was so inspiring! I wanted to spend the entire day with her soaking up more of what she had to offer.

Jen inspires you to believe in yourself and gets you achieving goals you never thought were possible. She is so patient and guides you through each movement. The classes are always challenging and different, I look forward to them. No matter what your fitness level you will get results and gain confidence through Jens classes if you are willing to put in the work. I have been training with Jen for 3 months and I have lost 10 pounds and 9 inches. It has been more than just weight loss, I feel so much more confident and powerful than ever and it trickles over into everything I do in life! Jen you are world class! What an amazing journey so far!!

Deb H.


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I Love the Core and Full Body Workout


I have been working out at Kettle Strength with Jen for about six months. The results that I have achieved from kettlebell training have been amazing. It is a core full body workout!! Through diet and the great training by Jen you can achieve the results you want!!

Jen Crooks

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Fun & Energizing!


Going to Jen’s kettle bells class has truly made me feel like a whole new woman. Being someone who grew up extremely active playing hockey and soccer, I didn’t have to worry too much about my weight. After high school and discontinuing the sports I used to play, I no longer knew how to keep myself fit. I hate running and other seemingly mundane at-home exercises. Exercise had always been something ingrained into my life from playing sports that I didn’t even know where to start once I realized I wanted to get back into fitness and taking care of my body not to compete, but to simply be healthy. I wanted to do something that didn’t expend tons of time, wasn’t boring, and of course, got results!


Classes with Jen never felt high pressure, but encouraging. I feel like I am able to push my body at my own rate, without judgment. I always feel like I am given the tools to excel to new heights I didn’t even know I could reach. After only about 6 months of kettle bells training I’ve lost weight and inches I never thought I could before. Class is fun, energizing, and I got these results going to only 2-3 classes a week. I am completely grateful for this experience and am looking forward to see what else I can accomplish.



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I love that you get such an intense workout in a short amount of time


I LOVE kettlebells with Jen. I have never experienced  results or felt stronger than I have with any other training method than I have with kettlebells. I have Lost 13 inches and 2 sizes. I look forward to training more then I ever have. I love that you get such an intense workout and results in a short amount of time. A BIG THANKS to Jen for sharing her passion of kettlebells with me.



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