Distance coaching with Jen

Are you bored with your training and need a fresh plan to get you where you want to be in the comfort of your own home? Are you ready to commit and make some real progress with goal setting and weekly support from me. I will give you a weekly plan based on your goals and meet you where you are at. I will hold you accountable each week. Your plan will be designed on how much time you are going to commit to training and the available equipment you have. I use kettlebells, bodyweight and TRX-suspension training. I will give you guidance with form and technique check-in every week through videos that you will submit to me. If you are ready to start your 6 week training plan contact me today for a consultation and to further discuss details before signing up.

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Price listed is a base price may vary depending on meeting your needs
*No refunds and results can not be guaranteed if you do not follow the program